Tribun Health

Digital pathology platform for diagnosis, prognosis and biomarker analysis
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Project description

Tribun Health is leading the charge in AI-powered digital pathology. For over 15 years, they have been transforming disease diagnostics, empowering the shift from microscopes to computers

Tribun Health's existing digital pathology platform was outdated and lacked modern features necessary for efficient diagnosis and analysis. With growing demand and data volumes, scalability issues were hindering the platform's ability to handle increased workload and data processing requirements.

The result

The redesigned web application showed improved scalability, effortlessly handling increasing numbers of users and larger data sets, increasing responsiveness and performance.

We assisted Tribun Health in transforming their digital pathology platform into a smart, accessible and scalable solution by carefully combining web development modernization, ongoing support, and digital customer experience optimization. In addition to improving clinical processes and diagnostic precision, this helped them establish themselves as a pioneer in the field of digital healthcare by spurring advancements in pathology diagnosis, prognosis, and biomarker analysis.

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